Loma Linda University SIMS/CAPS 2017

The Healthy Neighborhood Project is a student-run initiative composed of multiple programs which address health and education needs in the San Bernardino community. Our student directors lead efforts to partner with local schools, organizations, and churches to facilitate students serving and learning about the strengths of our community through meaningful relationship building.

Student-Led Programs for the Community

photo of caps volunteer
photo of caps volunteer
“Because I became a student here, it really opened my eyes to the importance of [service]. I volunteer and serve because it's what we should do as working professionals, but also, I believe, as Christians.”

School-Based Programs

  • Project Hope
    Project Hope offers one-on-one mentoring for expectant and teen parents. Parents can learn the knowledge and skills they need to raise their children.
  • Special Ops
    Special Ops offers mentorship for youth from San Bernardino schools who are at-risk for academic failure, behavioral problems, or gang involvement.
  • Operation NEXTT (Navigating EXcellence Today for Tomorrow)
    Operation NEXTT pairs Black students in the San Bernardino School District with Black LLU student mentors. The program aims to improve the academic performance, self-efficacy, positive self-identity, and matriculation to higher education of Black students. Students receive weekly mentorship, tutoring, and academic enrichment facilitated by mentors who reflect their ethnic background.

Community-Based Programs

  • Academic Tutoring
    Our academic tutoring program helps kids ages 5–18 improve math and reading skills with guidance from LLU student volunteers.
  • Music Tutoring
    Our music tutoring program helps kids ages 5–18 learn instruments and music theory with guidance from LLU student volunteers.
  • La Escuelita Family Resource Center
    La Escuelita Family Resource Center promotes continual learning, helps adults pursue career goals, and helps kids achieve more in school.
  • Street Medicine
    Street Medicine provides free and high-quality transitional care for people without houses in San Bernardino.
  • Healthcare Sparks
    Healthcare Sparks inspires underrepresented middle and high school students to pursue health careers.

If you have any questions, the CAPS office is here to help. Contact us