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Schedule for the Showcase Week

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Experiential Learning through Local Service Learning Projects
Bibla Kim, SPH
Rachel Lawrence, SPH

When Rubble Settles: Occupational Therapy in Post-Earthquake Haiti
Dragana Krpalek, SAHP
Karen Pendleton, SAHP
Heather Roese, SAHP

Health Profiles of Allied Health Students in Faith-Based Universities
Dragana Krpalek, SAHP

Mentoring Dental Faculty in Evidence Based Research
Janet Bauer, SD
Sue Spackman, SD
Samah Omar, SD
Holli Riter, SD
Parnell Taylor, SD
Robert Fritz, SD

Using Critical Appraisal Tools to Improve Critical Thinking Skills
Samah Omar, SD

Committee 101: The Role of Faculty in Guidance Committees
Rafael Canizales, SAHP

LLU Placement Program for Prelicensure Student Nurse
Nancie Parmenter, SN

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Integrating Spirituality in to Classroom and Clinical Care
Jacqueline Williams-Reade, SBH
Ginger Simontin
Elsie Lobo
Gabriela Gutierrez

Strategies for Completely Restructuring and Implementing a Medical School Course
Kylie Watts, SM
Mark Johnson, SM

Learner Networking: How to Build a Community of Future Faculty
Melissa Pereau, SM

Teaching Learners to Reflection on Their Journey Through Medical Education
Amy Hayton, SM

  • Handout (PDF)

An Augmented Reality Terrain in Map for Health Needs Assessment Visualization
Ryan Sinclair, SPH
Meng-Hsien Tsai
Chen-Hsiao Tsui

Transformative Teaching: Engaging Tomorrow's Students, Today
Peter Gleason, SPH

Collaborative Teaching for Engaged Learning: The New CORE Experience in Public Health
Peter Gleason, SPH
Lori Wilbur, SPH
Donna Gurule, SPH
Robin Smith, SPH

Thursday, Feb. 4

Using Item Analysis to Enhance Test Construction
Gloria Huerta, SN

Responsible and Effective Use of PowerPoint
Michael Schofield, SAHP

Integrating Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies within Faculty and Student Development Initiatives
Carol Davis, SAHP
Karla Lavin Williams, SAHP
Laura Alipoon, SAHP

Let's Flip This Classroom
Eric Johnson, SAHP

Gaming for Effective Triage
Ehren Ngo, SAHP
Ryan Haglund, LLU
Jeremey Edwards

When Students Do the Teaching
Richard Rice, SR
Members of SM Class of 2018

  • Handout (PDF)

Opportunities for Failure as an Integral Part of Course Design in Didactic Science Courses
Willie Davis, SP
David Weldon, SP

Didactic Approaches to Mission-Focused Learning at Loma Linda University
Kathryn T. Knecht, SP
Nancy Kawahara, SP
Terry Swenson, Campus Chaplain

Kinzer Rice Award Presentation
Ron Carter, Provost
Marilyn Eggers, Associate Provost

Keynote: Michele Deck, RN, MEd

Invited Guest

Michelle L. Deck, RN, MEd
Noted Author and Speaker

"Teaching for Exciting Learning" - Michelle Deck

Friday, Feb. 5

"Engaging Learners for Deep and Lasting Learning" - Michele Deck

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