The Faculty Development Showcase Week, (formerly known as the Education Conference,) is a biennial event sponsored by the Faculty Development in Education Committee under the auspices of the University Faculty Council. This event features a variety of activities that include plenary lectures, exhibits, poster sessions, computer, and classroom demonstrations and displays.

Why Attend the Showcase?

  • collect teaching ideas from fellow LLU faculty
  • see what's new in computer software and applications, etc.
  • share a teaching idea that has worked for you this year
  • explore the Internet and new educational technologies
  • meet faculty in different disciplines on schools with similar interests

What's in It for You?

  • juried presentation for your CV
  • see what your colleagues are doing
  • find helpful resources on campus
  • highlight your innovative approaches to teaching
  • share your experience and expertise with others

What Faculty Say About the Showcase?

  • "This is wonderful! We have arranged for two of the faculty members from other schools to come to our school next fall and give us seminars."

  • "One of my colleagues in the School of Dentistry (SD) has been making national news with his high-tech approach to teaching. He was asked a few months ago to make a presentation to the meeting of all deans of dental schools in the country, and most of us on campus had no idea what was happening. This event gives us the opportunity to see what our own teachers are doing."

  • "I was the only one working with several of these computer programs at the SD. I thought I was alone. Now I know people from other School of Allied Health Professions (SAHP) and School of Medicine (SM) who also use the same setups. I have learned a bunch of new tricks today and know where to get help with future projects. This has been tremendous."

  • "This is a great idea. Seeing what teachers are doing in SAHP and SD gives me ideas that can easily apply to teaching nursing."

  • "I have made new friends today. We need more of this kind of event to help us find out more about our fellow faculty members."