Programs & Courses in Higher Health Professions Education

Practical Content

Each course covers practical skills for the health professional in higher education. You'll recognize and identify with the issues raised because they are the same concerns you are working with each time you enter a classroom or sit with a student in the clinical setting. Instructors focus on practical application, as well as educational theory.

Constantly Updated Content

Courses are revised regularly with input from past participants, other instructors, and research reports. State-of-the-art materials ensure that the content is current, reliable, and fresh. 

Involving and Challenging Methods

Each course is designed using classic educational and psychological theories and innovative learning techniques. In-depth analysis of objective-driven, outcomes-oriented content drives the selection of the best method to communicate. We hold your interest through (and model for you) the effective use of:

  • Lectures
  • Inventories
  • Role plays
  • Discussions
  • Checklists
  • Simulations
  • Case studies
  • Self assessments

Master Practitioner Instructors

Each of our instructors is an active learning specialist with 15-35 years of directly related experience in the subject they are teaching They regularly consult with faculty on many campuses for content, techniques, technology, and delivery. You'll learn from their real-world examples, advice, and answers. Our instructors "model" what they teach through demonstration of each technique and concept rather than by simply lecturing about it.

Limited Class Size

Classes average under 20 participants so your individual needs and objectives are solicited and addressed.

Individualized Assignments

In many of the courses you choose your own assignment to best fit your own projects and teaching challenges.

Course Materials and Texts

Receive comprehensive course syllabi and manuals, which serve as useful reference tools after the course. The course materials include valuable instruments, checklists, notes, articles, case studies, video summaries, selected bibliographies, and exercises.