Fall Quarter Classes

AHCJ 506. Educational Evaluation and Clinical Assessment
Instructor: Rice, ext. 44276, E-mail: grice@llu.edu
Last 5 Thursdays, 5-10 p.m., Nichol Hall

  • write effective test questions and design valid tests
  • develop case-based multiple choice test questions
  • evaluate grading schemes for both classroom and online learning
  • reduce student complaints about test scores/grades/performance
  • utilize standardized patients and objective structured clinical evaluations (OSCEs) to improve your assessment of laboratory performance and clinical skills
  • develop a "jeopardy" study review for use in your teaching

Winter Quarter Classes

AHCJ 556. Administration in Higher Education
Instructor: Hopp, E-mail: jhopp@llu.edu
First 5 Tuesdays, 5-10 p.m., Nichol Hall
Instructor: Rice, ext. 44276, E-mail: grice@llu.edu
Last 5 Tuesdays, 5-10 p.m., Nichol Hall

  • for faculty, department chairs or those who are interested in preparing for such positions, as well as graduate students in any of the health professions. Taught by a veteran chair and dean, this course promises to improve your understanding and skills

AHCJ 564. Group Process & Dynamics: Higher Education

  • improve learning in your classroom and clinic through creative application of group process research to higher education--maximize advantages while minimizing problems
  • revolutionize student attitudes toward taking responsibility for their own learning and for helping each other

Spring Quarter Classes

AHCJ 505. Educational Psychology for the Health Professions
Instructor: grice@llu.edu
5 Thursdays, 5-10 p.m., Nichol Hall

Would you like to improve student learning when you are the teacher? This course focuses on

  • teaching essentials
  • presentation style (including a special workshop on the Decker approach)
  • handouts, slides, overheads, and PowerPoint materials
  • improving student motivation, interest, and satisfaction

If you prefer activities, video analysis, and games to listening to lectures, you will like this course.

AHCJ 509. Teaching and Learning Styles
Instructor: Rice, ext. 44276, E-mail: grice@llu.edu

  • adapt teaching to meet the needs of various learners in your classroom
  • experience active online learning
  • apply styles research to your personal plans for teaching and learning
  • explore concepts of set, closure, right-side up learning, and magic to enhance learning

Summer Classes

AHCJ 600. Active Online Learning
Instructors: grice@llu.edu,  Ngo, Karolyi, Kroetz, Eggers

Online instruction

  • develop an online course which incorporates principles of quality teaching and learning, including interactive, active learning strategies. This course attempts to model online teaching