Honoring Faculty Who Exemplify the Best in Teaching Excellence at LLU

2022 Kinzer-Rice Award Winner

About Kinzer-Rice Award


A number of private gifts to the University have been made in order to fund an award of $1,000.00 to a faculty member of Loma Linda University every two years in recognition of excellence in teaching on the university level. The purpose of the award is to call attention to the importance of teaching in the life of Loma Linda University and to honor a full-time faculty member every two years who exemplifies the finest traditions of education. The first award was presented at the Loma Linda University Education Conference and Faire 2008.


The Kinzer-Rice Award is named after two former faculty members in the School of Dentistry, Dr. Robert Kinzer, professor of restorative dentistry from 1983 until his death in 2005, and Dr. Bruce Rice, professor of oral medicine, 1954 to 1958. Both made important contributions to Loma Linda University, and both were outstanding teachers.


  1. Has demonstrated mastery and leadership in teaching excellence in their field of study.
  2. Actively seeks to improve teaching effectiveness.
  3. Encourages colleagues' teaching effectiveness.
  4. Contributes to student long-range success.
  5. Integrates LLU's Mission-focused learning into teaching.


LLU students and faculty may nominate a full-time faculty member from LLU who exemplifies the award criteria. The Kinzer-Rice Award Committee--comprised of the two most recent award recipients and representatives from the schools, University Faculty Council, the Faculty Development Committee, and the Office of Educational Effectiveness--review the qualifications of all nominees and select a recipient.

Kinzer-Rice Award Committee

  • Composition - each school's academic dean or designated representative and award recipients

Award Cycle

  • Every two years

Invitation and Due Date for 2022 Nominations

  • Call for nominations: October 8, 2021
  • Last day for submission of nominations: November 3, 2021


  • Nominator (student or faculty member)
    Complete the Faculty Nomination Form for a full-time faculty member by November 3, 2021.

  • Faculty Nominee (includes previous nominees)
    Complete the Faculty Nominee Response Form by November 17, 2021. Completion of this form includes:

    • Brief statement of your teaching and learning objectives along with implementation strategies, addressing as many of the award criteria as possible (see the table below)
    • Current Curriculum Vitae
    • Name and contact information for three individuals familiar with your teaching effectiveness (1 LLU faculty member, 1 current LLU student, and 1 former LLU student) 
    • Evidence examples (optional)
  • Faculty and Students Contacted for Recommendations
    Complete the Recommendation Form by December 8, 2021.

  • Kinzer-Rice Award Committee
    Review the qualifications of all nominees and select a recipient for the award.

Award Criteria & Evidence Examples

Award Criteria Description and Evidence Examples
Provides effective educational presentations 

Brings an evidence-based approach to planning campus learning events, whether online or face-to-face, including a variety of settings—clinical, laboratory, classroom; provides presentations on teaching and learning to the specialty field—regional, national and international conferences

Evidence: Peer support and evaluations of teaching report; student feedback indicating exceptional learning; course evaluations; portfolio submissions
Actively seeks to improve teaching effectiveness 

Attends faculty development events—campus, online, and at conferences; conducts research on teaching effectiveness; utilizes a variety of instructional strategies; conducts active assessment and closes the loop in the classroom; seeks peer feedback and evaluations of teaching; uses student evaluation data to plan for enhanced learning

Evidence: Listing of events attended; teaching plans and/or videos of classroom activities; student comments on pedagogical innovations and effectiveness; peer observation notes 
Pursues educational scholarship

Studies literature and research on effective teaching in their field of study; experiments with innovative curriculum applications; gives presentations and presents posters related to teaching and education at local, regional, national, and/or international meetings; does research and collects data on teaching enhancement and shares with the community

Evidence: CV entries; certificates of completion of online programs; courses completed or audited; publications submitted or accepted; summaries of participant evaluation of pedagogical presentations
Encourages colleagues' and students’ teaching effectiveness

Collaborates on teaching/learning strategies with colleagues; mentors graduate students; presents faculty development sessions in various settings; maintains membership in department, school, or all-campus faculty development committees, participates as a colleague in the LLU Formative Dialogues program

Evidence: Colleague’s letters describing how nominee encouraged and coached them on increasing teaching effectiveness; presentations at faculty development sessions in any setting; member of faculty development committee at any level; LLU Formative Dialogues program notes
Contributes to student
long-range success 

Maintains positive student relations and connections to students over time; acts as a resource for students transitioning from school to profession; continues to mentor and advise students over the long term

Evidence: communications to and from students; testimonials; involvement with student advisement throughout student programs; alumni relations records

Integrates LLU's 
Mission-focused Learning
(MFL) into teaching

Addresses LLU MFL in course syllabi and in course Canvas shell; integrates faith in God and course content in relevant and meaningful ways; orients and prepares students for lives of service exemplifying LLU’s core values; puts an emphasis on health and wholeness informed by the Adventist perspective.

Evidence: MFL integrated into course discussion questions; shows kindness, patience, concern, helpfulness, service, and personal interest in students; course syllabi demonstrating MFL integration; student testimonials; communications to and from students of showing care and support; gives class devotional presentations; provides prayer circles and/or discussions for spiritual support


The recipient of the Kinzer-Rice Award is announced by the Provost during the Faculty Development Showcase Week. The faculty member is presented with an engraved medallion and check. A feature video on the recipient is also presented during the ceremony.


Bertha Escobar-Poni


Bertha Escobar-Poni, MD
Associate Professor in the School of Medicine
View the Recognition Video

Doyle Nick


Doyle Nick, DDS
Associate Professor in the School of Dentistry
View the Recognition Video


Willie Davis


Willie Davis, PhD
Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy
View the Recognition Video


Eric Johnson


Eric Johnson, DSc
Professor in the School of Allied Health Professions
View the Recognition Video


Elaine Hart


Elaine Hart, MD
Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine
View the Recognition Video


Elaine Hart


Lawrence Loo, MD
Professor in the School of Medicine
View the Recognition Video

Loretta Wilber


Loretta Joy Wilber, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health
View the Recognition Video


  • Further details on the award selection process, including evidence examples for the award criteria, may be found here.
  • For inquiries, please email KRAward@llu.edu.
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