Living On-Campus and Off-Campus at LLU

We are committed to providing affordable housing and programming that reflects our school motto, "To Make Man Whole."

Loma Linda University offers residential housing for students in Lindsay Hall and Daniells Residence Complex. Students under the age of 21 years who are in undergraduate programs, such as nursing, dental hygiene, or allied health professional curricula, are required to live on campus, unless they are married or living with their parents. Students who do not meet the necessary qualifications and believe they have unusual circumstances, may file a petition to live off-campus with the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. These petitions will be reviewed by a committee. This should be done well in advance of registration to allow the student adequate time to plan. For a petition form, stop by the office of student affairs or call 909-558-4510.

Residence Halls

Our residence halls are on campus and within walking distance of most resources, such as our:

  • exercise facilities (Drayson Center)
  • dental and medical facilities
  • classrooms

Lindsay Hall

Kate Lindsay Hall for Undergraduate and Graduate Women is located at the northern edge of campus with easy access to all campus areas. Learn more about Lindsay Hall, hear from student residents, and apply for residence.

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Daniells Hall

A.G. Daniells Residence Complex welcomes men and women and is located in the center of campus. Learn more about Daniells Hall, hear from student residents, and apply for residence.

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Off-Campus Housing

As an LLU student, you’ll need to meet certain requirements to live off-campus. Learn more about off-campus housing, get help finding a rental, and find other helpful resources.

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Dining & Nutritional Services

View our cafeteria menus and learn more about dining and nutritional services on campus.

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