The intention of the LLU Emergency Protocols page is to provide up-to-date response information as well as the latest news concerning any emergency event.

Important Contact Information

Life Threatening Emergency 911
Emergency Information Hotline (909) 558-7979
Department of Security - Emergency (909) 558-4320, ext. 44320
Department of Security - Administrative Offices (909) 558-5419, ext. 55419

Note: Dialing 911 from any University phone will connect you with the Department of Security. Dialing 911 from a pay telephone will connect you with the San Bernardino County Center Dispatch for the Sheriff and Loma Linda Fire Department. "University phone" does not refer to any phone within the confines of the University. It refers only to those phones that are connected to a central network. These phones do not require dialing extra digits for calls made within the University, and do require dialing a nine prior to making a call to a location outside of the University.

LLU Emergency Protocols