Lessons From the Science of Learning
February 6 - 9, 2018

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Showcase Week Schedule

Tuesday, February 6

Faculty Engagement in Reflection Groups: Its Potential Role in Fostering Student Resiliency
Amy Hayton, SM
Carolyn Pearce, Student, SM

Breaking Bad News to Families in Crisis: An Interdisciplinary Training Approach Utilizing Personal Values
Jacqueline M. Williams-Reade, SBH
Joanne Baerg, SM
Elsie Lobo, Student, SBH
Abel Arvizu Whittemore, Student, SBH

The Classroom and The Comedy Club: Where the Principles of the Comedy Club Apply to the College Classroom
Whitny M. Braun, SR

Salad Bar Biostatistics – keeping self-directed learners on track
Lori Wilbur, SPH

The Doctor Becomes the Patient: Teaching Big Ideas through Narrative
Zane Yi, SR

Formative Dialogues
Brian Sharp, SAHP

Wednesday, February 7

Adjuncts and Alternatives to Lecturing
Tim Young, SM

Report of The Second LLUSD-LLUSP Co-curricular IPE Session, May 15, 2017: An Advanced Co-curricular IPE Case Session
Alireza Hayatshahi, SP-SD
Erin Richards, SD-SP
Jennifer Mathew, SP
Javad Tafreshi, SP
Kathleen Besinque, SP
Farnoosh Zough, SP

The Science (or Illusions) of Learning
Lawrence Loo, SM

Teaching through a film-based curriculum: Integration of the arts and sciences in healthcare
Carla Gober-Park, Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness
Iris Mamier, SN
Kathy McMillan, Employee Spiritual Care
Kris Lozano, Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness

Innovative Curricular Integration: Documenting Successes and Challenges
Farnoosh Zough, SP
James Pinder , SP

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Utilizing Inter-professional Experience to Inform Interdisciplinary Teaching: Approaches & Applications
Benjamin J. Becerra, SAHP
Eric W. Reid, SAHP

Thursday, February 8

Prayer in Health Care: A conceptual model of praying with patients
Iris Mamier, Associate Professor, SN
Carla Gober Park, Center Spiritual Life and Wholeness

Utilization and Evaluation of Social Media as a Learning Tool in Professional Health Science Education
Farnoosh Zough, SP
Joseph Tiongson, PharmD Candidate

Collaborative Reflective Training in Breaking Bad News Simulation
Barbara Couden Hernandez, SM;
Adrian Lavery, SM;
Lana Kim, Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy Program, Lewis & Clark University

Hit Pause to Rescue Learning
Gail Rice, SAHP

Asking Questions - Inspiration or Intimidation?
Lawrence Loo, SM

Poster Presentation / Kinzer Rice Award Presentation
Ron Carter, Provost
Marilyn Eggers, Associate Provost

Small Teaching: Little Changes Make a Big Difference
James Lang, PhD

Friday, February 9

"Lessons from the Science of Learning " - Terry Doyle