Are you passionate about serving others through a career in healthcare? Do you feel called to provide whole person care for the body, mind and spirit as you pursue wholeness in yourself? If so, and if you have prior college credit from an accredited institution, we encourage you to apply to Loma Linda University!

Choose a Program

  • Review the program description thoroughly
  • Consider the possible career paths listed
  • Check the prerequisites to make sure you qualify
  • Decide when you want to start and check application deadlines

Gather All Required Documents

TIP: Only request required documents be sent to LLU if you're ready to apply soon.

  • Request official transcripts to be sent to LLU
  • Request applicable test scores to be sent to LLU
  • Get the names and emails of people providing you letters of recommendation
  • Get a personal email address (don't use one that will become inactive, like a student email)

Apply for Financial Aid

TIP: You can do this at any time, even if you haven’t yet applied to LLU.

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Prepare for Your Future