States Authorizing Loma Linda University Online Students

This list of states is only applicable for accepting online, hybrid, and distance education students. Please contact the LLU Office of General Counsel for information regarding clinical placements, practicums, or fieldwork in states other than California.

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State laws across the nation require universities to be authorized to legally deliver online education to students residing in states other than the home state of the institution.

In other words, applicants who reside outside California will only be admitted to online courses or degree programs offered by Loma Linda University if the university has secured legal authorization from the applicant’s state of residence.

Loma Linda University is actively pursuing state authorization in every state of the nation; however, various state laws and fees might prohibit the university from achieving authorization in particular states. As a prospective student, if you reside in a state not currently on our state authorization list, we suggest contacting your state’s department of education for more information.

Prospective students can apply from the following states:

Alabama Maine Pennsylvania  
Alaska Michigan Rhode Island  
Arizona Mississippi South Carolina  
California Missouri North Dakota  
Colorado Montana South Dakota  
Florida Nebraska Tennessee  
Hawaii New Jersey Texas  
Idaho Nevada Utah  
Illinois New Hampshire Vermont American Samoa
Kansas Ohio Wisconsin Guam
Kentucky Oklahoma   Northern Mariana Islands

Student Complaints and Grievances

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Loma Linda University online students who would like to file a complaint against the university should exhaust all internal grievance processes first. The vast majority of complaints are successfully resolved between the university and the student.
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