Loma Linda University Factbook


The LLU Factbook provides links to reports across LLU’s operations. It is presented as an interactive compilation of informative dashboards based on standardized requests. The LLU Factbook is maintained by the Office of Educational Effectiveness under the guidance of the Provost’s Office. Specific access to a report and questions should be addressed to the Office of Educational Effectiveness at ir@llu.edu.

Student – Applications, Enrollment, & Success

  • Admissions Funnel

    Inquiries, apps in process, submitted applications, acceptances, and enrollment.

  • Retention

    Persistence trend by program and demographic.

Faculty/Staff – Appointments & Demographics

Reports profile faculty and non-faculty staff in the most recent Fall census and display demographic and appointment trends over the past ten years.  Comparisons by gender, race/ethnicity, full/part time status, tenure status (for faculty), appointment type, and age are available.

Finance – Tuition & Fees

Research – Grants, Publications, & Libraries

Student Experience – Academics, Assessment, & Surveys

  • Academics

    Advisor Ratios
    Courses Taught
    Units Taught

  • Assessment

    AMS Action Plans
    AMS Outcomes
    Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators (IEEI)

  • Surveys

    Mission-Focused Learning


Institutional Research - Services & Support


Assist decision-making and educational effectiveness efforts with data that provides for validation, intervention and prediction.

Fulfill data requests from local, state and federal agencies.



  • Compiling and disseminating historical data on enrollment and student success including degrees conferred and retention & graduation rates
  • Conducting ad hoc studies on significant policy issues
  • Maintaining a compendium of statistics on faculty and staff
  • Conducting and analyzing student and alumni surveys
  • Institutional reporting and administrative policy analysis
  • Strategic planning, enrollment and financial management
  • Outcomes assessment, program review, accountability, accreditation and institutional effectiveness