Loma Linda University has adopted five learning outcomes that describe in part what the University expects students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes should be at the completion of their program. These outcomes are assessed by using rubrics based on the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics. Programs may contextualize these rubrics to fit their professional needs as it is understood that across LLU’s eight schools and academic levels, applications to learning vary. Programs are encouraged to assess each of these ILOs yearly and at a minimum, all ILOs within the program length. In addition to ILOs, rubrics are provided for outcomes under Mission-Focused Learning and Professionalism for program use.

Outcomes and Assessment Cycle

Institutional Learning Outcomes

LLU University-wide ILOs
LLU Professionalism Rubric

Professional Institutional Learning Outcomes

In today’s world it is important for all LLU graduates to have excellent professional skills in addition to being experts in their fields in both knowledge and skills. Certainly LLU graduates should have excellent critical thinking, oral and written communication, information literacy and quantitative reasoning skills that are appropriate to their discipline and level. Whole patient care depends on these kinds of professionals. Thus, clinical versions of the rubrics or those from professional accreditors are now appropriate to use with students in clinical programs. It is an alternative assessment approach for programs that have trouble using the standard Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and rubrics to fit their discipline/profession and level.

LLU Professionalism Rubric

Mission-Focused Learning Outcomes

Loma Linda University’s Mission-Focused Learning Outcomes (MFLOs) are firmly rooted in its mission, vision and values. Because Mission-Focused Learning is LLU’s culture, the University has developed specialized assessment processes to ensure integration of these outcomes over time.

  • *Wholeness: Students apply the University philosophy of wholeness into their personal and professional lives.
  • **Values: Students integrate LLU’s Christ-centered values in their personal and professional lives.


  • *Wholeness: Loved by God, growing in health, living with purpose in community
  • **Loma Linda University's Core Values (scroll down the page)

Assessment Cycle

Programs are encouraged to assess each ILO yearly and at a minimum, all ILOs within the program length.