• Communication Skills for Pediatric residents: 2 part series, the first part introducing residents to various systematic approaches to communicating with families including the teach-back method and the second part focusing on application of skills with role-play with pediatric attendings acting as family members who may be viewed as challenging families with conversations that are harder to navigate. (08/2022)


  • Interactive Case-Based Curricula in High-Value Care Using Web-Based Survey Tools Poster presentationat USC Innovations in Medical Education Regional conference (02/2023)
  • Pediatric Oral Presentation Self Evaluation Tool (POPSET) with Audio Recording (POPSET-AR) A tool developed for medical students to be able to self-evaluate their oral case presentations while on pediatric inpatient wards by using survey format with their own audio recording. Poster presentations presented at USC Innovations in Medical Education regional conference (02/2023)


  • Delivering return on investment (ROI) to your healthcare system by teaching cost-consciousness to health care providers (HCP) Oral presentation authored by Vallent Lee and myself Sofia Khera at the Accredation Council on Continuing Medical Education Learn to Thrive national meeting in Chicago, IL in May 2023. Presented an innovative interactive case based curriculum that can be implemented on multiple learner levels to impact health care provider decisions that may save overall cost. (05/2023)