In many ways, the story of the Center for Whole Person Care is the story of Dr. Wil Alexander. For over 40 years, Dr. Alexander worked with medical professionals at LLU to look beyond numbers and diseases, and to incorporate mental and spiritual health into patient care. He laid the foundation for our current understanding of wholeness, touched countless lives, and even founded our center in 1996 (then called the Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness).

Dive deeper: The Wil Alexander Wholeness Series expands on topics related to whole person care.

Dr. Wil Alexander passed in 2016, but his pioneering approach to care lives on. His dedicated, compassionate service forever transformed education, research, and practice at Loma Linda University Health. Get a glimpse into his work, life, and spirituality through this special Life on the Line episode, originally produced by the School of Religion.

“[Dr. Alexander’s] impact on this campus has been immeasurable and will continue for generations in the lives of those students, residents, faculty and patients he impacted... Now it is upon all of us to carry on the incredible tradition he nurtured for so many years.”