The Center for Whole Person Care is committed to helping our campus understand and implement the whole person care approach, prioritizing the research, education and practice of these concepts. We are a resource for students, residents, employees, clinicians, and faculty, continually working on initiatives that support the mission of Loma Linda University Health.

Whole person care invites us to see our patients more holistically, grounding interactions in hopeful restoration and healing. Inspired by the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ, the whole person care approach compels us to go beyond the physical disease. By supporting the emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of being, we can better understand each patient as a whole person — and, in turn, provide better care.

Our Work



Expand and nurture academic research in the area of Whole person care with a specific focus on the role of spirituality and faith in healthcare.


  1. The Center’s Advisory Committee, composed of faculty members of the eight schools of Loma Linda University (LLU), will meet quarterly in order to explore opportunities for individual and collaborative research on the role of spirituality and faith in healthcare.
  2. The Center will feature faculty and student research and publications on its website.
  3. The Center will create and maintain a blog devoted to reflections on Whole person care written by students, clinicians and faculty.
  4. The Center will sponsor an electronic journal which features developing and published research on Whole person care, authored by students, clinicians and faculty.
  5. The Center will make financial resources available, for which graduate students and faculty members can apply, for presentations of their research on Whole person care at regional and national conferences.
  6. The Center will update and expand the resources of the Wil Alexander Library to assist those engaged in Whole person care research.



Collaborate with the School of Religion and faculty scholars from the other seven schools of LLU to oversee the development, content and cohesiveness of the Whole person care curriculum taught in LLU’s academic programs.


  1. The Center will consult with faculty leadership in the different healthcare programs offered by LLU to promote the concepts of Whole person care in the context of each profession.
  2. The Center will collaborate with Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) Staff Development to offer an online CEU course to help LLUH employees and alumni understand and incorporate Whole person care into their practice.
  3. The Center will plan and organize an annual conference on the topic of Whole person care. When feasible, this will be done in collaboration with other LLUH and/or Adventist healthcare entities



Expand the practice of Whole person care in the clinical setting by the ongoing development of experiential learning materials and opportunities for students, residents, employees, clinicians and faculty.


  1. The Center will expand Whole person care Rounds in the various clinical settings of LLUH.
  2. The Center, in collaboration with the Advisory Committee, will organize six Whole person care Grand Rounds a year. The approach will be interdisciplinary, open to all, and will focus on the various aspects of faith and spirituality in healthcare.
  3. The Center will continue to capture, develop and archive video content for the purposes of teaching Whole person care.
  4. The Center will develop an electronic newsletter focused on learning materials available and latest research and events. This will be distributed biannually to subscribers (students, faculty, alumni, LLUH employees, donors and friends).

CLEAR Whole Person Care® Model

Dr. Wil Alexander, who originally founded our center, called us to adopt a view in which spirituality is part of the experience of every human being we interact with — even when they’re not fully aware of it. He reassured us that ultimately, “the spiritual can be seen to connect the visible and invisible phenomena in human experience — and in personal and communal events — past, present, and future.”

The CLEAR Whole Person Care® model encourages compassionate, spiritual connection in interactions with patients. View the videos below to learn about the model’s five components, which are taught in classroom settings and embedded in curriculum across all eight LLU schools.