Please contact your local bank and provide them with the LLU wire information listed below for the transfer:

Bank Name: Bank of America
275 Valencia Ave
Brea, CA 92823
(888) 841-8159
Bank Branch Number: 0000952
Routing Number: 026009593
Swift Code: B of A US6S
Account Name: Loma Linda University
Account Number: 1496 2-50585

In addition, please include the following information in the wire so the payment can be identified and posted to your account.  Please also send the same information in an email to LLU Student Finance, after the wire transfer has been completed:

  1. Student’s LLU ID Number
  2. Name of Student to Receive the Funds
  3. Dollar Amount of Transfer (in US Dollars)
  4. Name of Bank or Country Sending the Transfer
  5. Approximate Date of Transfer