Emergency and Fire Procedures

During any emergency exit from the building, use the nearest exit to you.  NEVER use the elevator during an emergency.

If the smoke detector in your room is activated the front desk is notified, the fire department will not automatically respond however you will be contacted by the desk worker via intercom to assess the cause for the activation.  If an alarm is activated the fire department will respond. You will be fined $25.00 if it is a false alarm. If you remain in the building during a fire alarm or any time you are ordered out of the building you may be fined $25.00.  If you interfere with the function of your smoke detector, you will be fined $250.00. This fine must be paid in cash to the dean or to the secretary. It may not be added to your bill.

Earthquake tremors are felt from time to time. These are no great cause for alarm. However, in the event of a major earthquake, stay where you are until the shaking stops, then evacuate the building.

The patio doors on either side of the second floor lobby are not an exit except during daylight hours. They are locked at other times and have no crash bars. Be aware of the location of all exits.  An emergence exit sign is posted behind the door of your room.  Please note several exits closest to you.

Entrances and Exits

The main entrance to Lindsay Hall is locked at 11:00p.m. each night. All other entrances are locked and alarmed at all times and must never be propped open.

Entrance through the ground floor door can be obtained by having your student ID card specifically programmed at the front desk.  This door is under camera surveillance for your security, and we ask that you do not allow non-residents to enter with you.  Visitors/guests must use the front entrance.

Hot Tips

  • Always keep your room door locked, even when you are just going down the hall. We cannot be responsible for items stolen from your room.
  • Do not allow anyone except a known resident to accompany you when you enter the back door.
  • Do not prop the back door open at any time.
  • Be prepared for emergencies or disasters! Keep a pair of comfortable shoes handy and a gallon of drinking water in your room and in your car at all times.
  • If you are leaving for an extended length of time, and you leave your car in the parking you may want to notify security so that the security officer won’t think that your car is abandoned and ticket it.


If you become sick and need medical help.

Student Health Services is located in the Center of Health Promotion, Evans Hall (just across Anderson Street), at extension 44496. If you should need emergency care during off hours, you will need to go to the emergency room at the Medical Center. Your student insurance covers this service.


LLU does not assume responsibility for your personal belongings. If your or your parent’s homeowners insurance does not cover your belongings against theft, fire, vandalism, water damage, etc., you will want to read the pamphlet offering an affordable insurance plan which is included in your welcome packet.

Keep On Hand...

  1. A working flashlight.
  2. One gallon of fresh water.
  3. One pair of sturdy shoes.


Loma Linda University maintains a well-trained security staff. However, you must also assume responsibility for your own safety since the security officers cannot be everywhere at once. Use common sense and good judgment!