For rates, see the Rent per 12-Week Quarter section under General Information. The quarter charge is non-refundable and may be prorated only in extreme circumstances. Since there are no other charges such as utilities, cable TV, internet access, and basic phone service, etc., the residence hall is an economical housing choice.


Your permanent mailbox assignment is included in your check-in packet. An outgoing mail slot is located at the front desk. Mail is picked up and delivered each morning and afternoon. There is no mail delivery on Saturday or Sunday.

Federal law requires that all mail boxes remain closed and locked.  Desk workers are not allowed to take the mail from your mailbox; you are the only one authorized to remove your mail.


Your vehicle must be registered with the LLU Parking Management Department.  You will receive contact information when you check in at Lindsay Hall.  The Parking Management Department will give you parking lot information.


Lindsay Hall provides both double-occupancy and single occupancy rooms. If you have not yet selected a roommate one will be assigned for you.  All students start in a double room.  There is a long waiting for single occupancy rooms.   Current residents may contact Lynette to be placed on the single room waiting list.

Residents who live in a double room must always remember that only half of the room is theirs.  They must also work at making the relationship work for both.  This will require consideration of such things as: quiet time, music, sleep time, space etc.  Basically they need to have a mutual respect for each other.


Friendship rounds randomly take place three evenings a week at approximately 10:00p.m. You do not have to be in the building or in your room during rounds.  Friendship rounds are not intended to be invasive but rather they are our way of staying in contact with our residents.


You may bring your own small refrigerator, no larger than 3 cubic feet.

Lindsay Hall has refrigerators available to rent. These are 2- door with a separate 1 cubic foot freezer and rent for $35 a quarter. Combo units with both a refrigerator and microwave are also available for rent.  The charge for these units is $45 per quarter.  They are available on a first come first served basis.