Lobby Closing Time

The main lobby in Lindsay Hall closes at 11:00p.m. At that time, all males who are visiting in the lobby will be asked to leave.


All bicycles must be registered at the front desk. Residents will receive a sticker identifying the bike as belonging to a resident of Lindsay Hall. There are racks for bicycle storage available in the ground floor bike storage room. Once your bike has been registered, you can request to have your ID card programmed to give you access to the bike storage room.


Please do not, under any circumstances, care for children in any area of Lindsay Hall. Since a study atmosphere is a top priority, we try to eliminate all peripheral noise and confusion.

Overnight Absences

We need to know when you plan to be out of the dorm overnight so that you can be located in the event of an emergency.  Please fill out the small post-it form available from your RA and place it on the outside of the door to your room.

Overnight Guests

Female overnight guests are welcome to stay in your dorm room for three nights at no charge. They must register at the front desk. Should they wish to stay longer than three nights they will need to pay $15.00 per night. You may rent an air mattress and pump for your guest at the front desk.

Male Visitors

Permission to take male guests (including fathers) into the living areas must be obtained from the dean on duty. Males are only permitted in the living areas of the dorm between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 9:00p.m. Any male on the hall should have been announced over the intercom and should be wearing a “Guest” or “Service” sticker. For the safety of all we ask that any resident who sees a man on the hall not wearing a sticker, call the front desk immediately. The desk worker will know if there should be a male in that area.


Pets are not permitted in Lindsay Hall.  Fish are okay.

Check-out Process

When you move out of Lindsay Hall either temporarily or permanently you must obtain a check out packet from the front desk.   All instructions are in this packet, as well as an envelope for your keys, a forwarding address card, etc. Please complete all forms carefully. Thoroughly clean your room.  If you have left everything clean and in order and have no outstanding fines, you will be mailed the refundable portion of your room deposit. If your room is not clean enough for the next person to move in, we will hire a person to clean it and pay them a minimum of $30.00 from your room deposit.  Any outstanding fines or charges to your store account will also be deducted from your room deposit.

You may have a male help you remove your things from your room between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 9:00p.m. All males must check in at the front desk and receive a GUEST badge before entering the living portion of the residence hall. Please do not bring them in the back door unless they have already checked in at the front desk.

Alcohol, Controlled Substances, and Tobacco

The use or possession of these items is prohibited on the Loma Linda campus. If you are found in violation of this policy, you will forfeit the privilege of living in Lindsay Hall.


Grievances will be handled according to the procedure noted in the student handbook.


There are several things for which a fine may be assessed.

  1. Not returning a vacuum cleaner ($10).
  2. Setting off the fire alarm or covering your smoke detector (up to $500)
  3. Keeping a “moving cart” in your room ($10)
  4. Losing a key ($40)