Loma Linda University has adopted five learning outcomes that describe in part what the University expects students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes should be at the completion of their program. These outcomes are assessed by using rubrics based on the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics. Programs may contextualize these rubrics to fit their professional needs as it is understood that across LLU’s eight schools and academic levels, applications to learning vary. Programs are encouraged to assess each of these ILOs yearly and at a minimum, all ILOs within the program length. In addition to ILOs, rubrics are provided for outcomes under Mission-Focused Learning and Professionalism for program use. 


Programs will assess the LLU Student Learning Outcomes using the LLU contextual rubric developed for each outcome. In this assessment process programs will:

  • Modify the LLU SLO rubrics according to the guidelines1, if desired to make them individualized and contextual for the program's level and discipline.
    • Add bullet points that specifically show what each each level looks like in the program. 
    • Add additional criteria, if desired.
  • Use the LLU SLO rubric to assess student learning on pre-identified assessment measurement tools for the SLOs2.
    • Identify assessments you are currently using rather than create a new assessment measurement tool, if at all possible. Assistance is available at the Office of Educational Effectiveness, if needed.
  • Analyze findings from the data. Identify issues that need resolution or improvement.
  • Close the assessment loop by making any indicate program changes.
  • Select a target for the next assessment cycle for this SLO.
  • Develop strategy to reach the target for next assessment cycle.
  • Submit the data:
    • Fill out Program SLO data report template
    • Attach the program individualized LLU SLO rubric, if one was developed and used for the assessment.

Data Submission Form (online tool)

Loma Linda University Student Learning Outcome Report


  1. Assessment measurement tools(s):
  2. Program data collection cycles:
  3. Criteria for success:
  4. Who interprets the assessment data? What is the process?
  5. Findings from data collection:
  6. Resulting program changes:
  7. Target for next SLO assessment cycle:
  8. Strategy to reach SLO target:
  9. Action plan progress report:

Cycle for Assessing LLU SLOs

Programs are encouraged to assess each ILO yearly and at a minimum, all ILOs within the program length.