• (NON-PEER REVIEWED) A qualitative study on the benefits of incorporation of the medical simulation lab in the education of physical therapy students in the acute inpatient setting: Co-investigators are Lawrence Chinnock, Christine Wilson, Henry Garcia, Antonio Valenzuela (09/2011 - 09/0000)
  • (NON-PEER REVIEWED) Non-Funded research project: Johnson EG, Cordett TK, Joseph, TM, Kanani U, Lankipalli M, Kim Y, Feng KG, Simmons L, Stokes L, Watanabe C, Williams C. The effect of the "Tib Trainer" on postural sway. Description of Data analysis in process  (05/2009 - 09/0000)

Books and Chapters

  • Article: "A Lesson in wholistic Care", The Allied Health Connection, vol.5.No.2 (09/1996 - 09/0000)