Loma Linda University Information Services is introducing a new method for resetting your password. This new method will work if you need to update your password when it expires or if you have completely forgotten your password.

View Instructions (PDF)

From your web browser go to https://serviceportal.lluh.org/$pwd_reset.do

Enter your email address and click the “I’m not a robot” box

Forgot password


Complete the puzzle that appears, it will look similar to this. The topic will be different each time you reset your password. Click Verify when you have completed the puzzle.


You will then be presented with an opportunity to review the LLUH Acceptable Use Policy. Please review the policy then click Acknowledge and Accept to continue.

Acceptable Use Policy to acknowledge

You will then need to Send Verification Code to your registered mobile device. Enter the verification code and click Next.

SMS verification
SMS verification with spot to enter code

Then enter your new password and take note of the requirements listed. Once you have met the requirements and re-entered your password you can click Reset Password

Requirements: Must be between 12 and 40 characters in length and contain at least 1 Uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, and 1 special character. You cannot reuse passwords and your password cannot contain your name, username, EID, or company name.

Reset Password instructions

You will then have a confirmation of the reset.

Password Reset success