About Keith S. Wolgemuth, PhD

As of March 27, 2014 I am now a full-time Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Loma Linda University. Prior to this I was a contract professor here for five years and spent 9 years as a full-time faculty member in the Department of Communicative Disorders at nearby University of Redlands.  Here at LLU I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in audiology, auditory habilitation and rehabilitation, and speech-language pathology.  I also perform research with several of our Speech-Language Pathology Doctoral (SLPD) students and co-author manuscripts with them, and supervise and administrate the SLPD Program here at LLU.   I am a Rehabilitative/Habilitative Audiologist and Pediatric Audiologist, and I have performed and published research in the areas of hearing conservation for military divers and non-divers, child language in children with hearing loss, and in the area of intervention for mild traumatic brain injury. I am currently performing research in the areas of using tactile cues in addition to the maximum opposition phonological contrast therapy approach to enhance treatment effectiveness and also a descriptive/epidemiological study concerning the Speech-Language Pathology alternative doctoral program (SLPD), or alternative doctoral degree that now exists in speech-language pathology.    

I enjoy surfing, golf, playing the guitar and singing, snowboarding, traveling and reading, some of which I enjoy with my wife and colleague, Dr. Julia Hollister, also of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department here at LLU.  I have two wonderful adult children who are now married and starting families.  Life is good, both personally and working here at LLU.