About Christine M. Wietlisbach, MPA

Dr. Christine Wietlisbach has over 20 years experience in occupational therapy practice, education and regulation. She maintains a full-time practice in occupational therapy at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, and is an adjunct faculty member in the master of occupational therapy program at Loma Linda University. Dr. Wietlisbach earned her bachelor degrees in psychology and occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis, and her doctorate in occupational therapy with a dual emphasis in hand therapy and administration/practice management from Rocky Mountain University in Provo, Utah. She also holds a Master of Public Administration degree from California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Wietlisbach is past-president of the Occupational Therapy Association of California, and served two terms as a Governor-appointed member and vice-president of the California Board of Occupational Therapy. Currently, she is a senate-appointee and Chair of the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Wietlisbach lectures nationally and has authored occupational therapy textbook chapters in the areas of industrial rehabilitation/ergonomics, physical agent modalities, and wound care for the upper extremity. Her awards include the American Occupational Therapy Association's Lindy Boggs Political Action Award, and the Occupational Therapy Association of California's Award of Excellence, Practice Award, and Political Action Award.