About Seth A. Wiafe, PhD

I am a dedicated, talented, and experienced public health professional with background and training in international and domestic public health programs. These include medical lab technology, health geoinformatics, environmental and occupational health, and cancer prevention and control. Being proficient in English and Ghanaian Languages, I have a record of productive teaching, research, and practice in public health. My research focuses on application of geospatial technologies and development of GIS-based methods for enhancing population health science and policy around non-communicable disease prevention and control. I am currently involved in several projects including; Ghana Breast Health Study, which aims to determine reasons for increasing rates of breast cancer in Ghana, unmet needs of breast cancer survivors in Africa, which assesses the needs for developing survivorship services in Ghana and Tanzania and help improve how these needs are met, and using GIS technology to map adherence to cancer screenings among veterans. In addition to being a good team player, I have special skills for community health outreach, problem solving, solid communication, innovation, and leadership. I hold high ethical values and aim to see that people enjoy good health and quality of life.