About Rodrigo F. Viecilli, DDS, PhD

The objective of the research in the Orthodontic Biomechanics Laboratory is to advance the specialty of Orthodontics by promoting scientific integration of biology and mechanics and translate it to clinical practice. The following general topics are being or have been researched:

Optimization of the 3D load system and design of orthodontic appliances for various tooth movements.
Biomechanical determination of optimum mechanical environment for orthodontic tooth movement.
Mechanotransduction and molecular modifiers in orthodontic tooth movement and root resorption. This topic, still ongoing, was recognized by the American Association of Orthodontists with the Milo Hellman Research Award.
The investigations are conducted utilizing 3D, six degree of freedom mechanical transducers (load cells), micro-CT, cone-beam CT, advanced histological and molecular techniques, inbred and transgenic rodent models and Finite Element Analysis.

Students working in the Orthodontic Biomechanics labs have access to engineering software for construction of CAD models (Solidworks, Pro E) or highly complex biomechanical computer models of biological structures (Simpleware ScanFE, ANSYS). State of the art molecular biology equipment is available through the Center of Dental Research shared space. Fellowship and post-doc opportunities are available to individuals interested in Biomechanics. Students with engineering background are highly encouraged to apply.

currently Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli is in the private practice of orthodontics at https://www.limestonehillsortho.com

He can be also contacted at consultations@limestonehillsortho.com