Committee Membership (LLU)

  • Pediatric Residency Admission Committee - Member of the pediatric residency admission committee which includes reviewing applications, interviewing residents and selection process of resident candidates. (07/2005)
  • Resident Academic Committee - Member of the resident academic committee (07/2005)
  • Pediatric QI committee - Member of the Pediatric quality improvement committee (07/2005)
  • NACHRI - Representative for the PICU focus group for NACHRI, collect PICU patient data in the Virtual PICU data base. Enables us to benchmark our patient care practices with other PICU\'s in the nation. (01/2004)
  • Pediatric Multiple Discipinary QI committee - appointed as new member (09/2006)
  • Hospital wide code blue committee - Member of hospital-wide code blue committee which reviews all code blue events in the medical center. (07/2005)
  • Pediatric code Blue committee - Chairman code blue committee. Committee reviews code blue events in the medical center and recommends and monitors improvement for code blue. Goal is to improve outcomes. (07/2005)