About Rhonda K. Spencer-Hwang, DrPH

Rhonda Spencer-Hwang DrPH, MPH, CWP is an Associate Professor and Epidemiologist in the Center for Innovation and Strategy within the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University (LLU). Dr. Spencer has been conducting groundbreaking research over the past eight years studying Adventist centenarians and is one of the first to identify a community of resilient members despite their tremendous burden of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)-- a Resiliency Capital region. With the knowledge that scientific evidence has linked childhood exposures and health practices with the development of adverse health outcomes in childhood as well as chronic and stress related diseases later in life, Dr. Spencer sought to understand childhood experiences among resilient centenarians and to empower others with her findings. She has her debut book Raising Resilient Kids, published in August 2021 (Tyndale Publishing House) and received the Nautilus Literary Award. Dr. Spencer has over 20 years of public health experience studying and publishing on children's health and health promotion, given presentations around the world, and is the recipient of millions in funding from various government agencies to conduct research aand provide services for thousands of children and their families. Ultimately, Dr. Spencer's work is inspired by her family and a desire to promote a culture of heath and resiliency for our nation and around the world.