About Margaret S. Soh, DDS

During my 8 years in dental education I have been teaching in a clinical setting, which keeps me in close contact with students and patients. I enjoy bridging the gap between students’ didactic learning and their professional careers. Moving forward, I intend to learn ways to keep students engaged and motivated. Approaches to modern dentistry are always evolving so it will be important to stay up to date with new clinical concepts. We know that today’s students learn not only from didactic materials provided in classrooms and labs but from a variety of resources online and it is our responsibility to help students utilize them correctly.  

My commitment to the School of Dentistry is strengthened with my involvement in various committees throughout the years. I enjoy brainstorming with colleagues and discovering ways to make a positive impact on our students and patients. I believe collaboration and calibration is critical for our future success and have found it to be universally necessary in my experience at different institutions. I also believe critical thinking is the greatest skill we can help our students hone and take with them into their future careers. As such, my future goals are to stay involved in projects related to my passion for students’ growth in critical thinking and faculty calibration so that we may better serve our students and patients.