• Occupational Therapy and Breastfeeding Promotion: Our role in social health  (10/2023) (link)
  • Occupational Therapy and Breastfeeding Promotion: Our role in societal  health  (06/2023) (link)

Scholarly Journals--Published

  • The Feasibility of Taekwondo for Addressing Social Interaction and Social Participation in Children   (03/2021) (link)
  • Building Community Partnerships: Practical Applications Through Pediatric Examples (06/2020) (link)
  • Occupational Therapy Practitioners' Perspectives about Addressing Mental Health Across School-Based Setting in Southern California  (01/2020) (link)
  • "Perceptions of Older Adults on the Use of an Interactive Video Game in Promoting Health and Well-Being,"  (03/2018) (link)

Online Publications

  • Foster Care: Occupational Therapy's Role in Prevention, Promotion, and Intervention with Children and Youth This is an informational sheet that is published by AOTA, School Mental Health took Kit. This informational sheet is designed for practitioners and service provider  to discuss the needs of children in foster care and the role of OT practitioners with this group of children.  (03/2017) (link)

Non-Scholarly Journals

  • Salamat, A. (2010). Right on cue: Intrpreting infant self-regulation. Occupational Therapy Practice Magazine.p. 12-16. (10/2010)