About Arezou Salamat, OTD

Dr. Salamat is an Associate Professor at Loma Linda University, Department of Occupational Therapy. She completed her doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Loma Linda University with an emphasis on addressing the needs of children in foster care in collaboration with the Department of Child and Family Services.  She is certified in infant massage, sensory integration, and has extensive experience in infant NDT and addressing the needs of children who experienced early childhood trauma.  For more than two decades, Dr. Salamat has been working with children and their families who have had adverse experiences in life that lead to disabilities and lack of participation and engagement in living.  Dr. Salamat, locally and nationally, provides workshops and training for professionals and families addressing the mental and emotional needs of children and their families through promotion, prevention, and providing intervention strategies. Dr. Salamat strongly believes that children are the foundation of our society and addressing their needs will shape the future of not only the family unit but also our communities.