About Rodney M. Roath, PhD, MBA

Learning can happen to anyone anytime, anywhere.  Whether you seek it or not, whether you understand it or not, whether you accept it or not, learning may happen.

Education is different; while learning might be serendipitous, education is structured.  Education is a delicate, dynamic process that requires a relationship between people.  Education calls for communication and a covenant.  Education uses goals and methods to facilitate intentional learning; it then uses assessment to determine whether the learning system is meeting its goals or not.  When education happens, learning happens to all the participants, students and teachers alike.

I am:

  • A Seventh-day Adventist Christian

  • A father and husband

  • A learner

  • An educator

  • An administrator

  • A Clinical Laboratory Scientist

  • A computer nerd

  • A cancer survivor

I am most passionate about:

  • My faith

  • My family

  • My relationships with friends, colleagues and students

  • Music (almost all kinds!)

  • Diversity

  • Education