About Eric W. Reid, PhD

Eric W. Reid, Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Loma Linda University, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Master of Science Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Professor Reid teaches in Loma Linda University’s School of Allied Health for their speech pathology program. Courses taught include Phonetic Transcription, Language Analysis, Instrumentation I&II, Bilingualism and Biculturalism, and ESL/Accent Modification. Clinical emphases include accent modification and remediation of school-age articulation and phonological disorders.

Research interests include instrumental analysis of speech-sound production (physiological and acoustic), speech-sound perception, and phonological patterns generated by L1-L2 interaction. Current research focuses on physiological patterns of consonantal and vocalic ‘r’ production and the influence of coarticulation on ‘r’ placement/timing. Data are expected to apply to current (errant?) trends in ‘r’ remediation and to inform future research in the therapeutic use of facilitating contexts.