About Carlos A. Poni, DDS

It has been the joy and privilidge of my life to be there for our patients at the Loma Linda Surgery Center. We have a long history of receiving Medical patients spanning more than 20 years. Our institution is committed, from our school dean to our front desk staff, to keeping our doors open to any and all patients we can safely see. I have seen so many children suffering from oral health in its absolutely most terrible state. I have personally treated a 2-year-old who required crowns on all 20 teeth. I have seen parents begging and crying to have their children seen at our surgery center because their children are in pain, but have been turned away by numerous dental clinics due to their severe neurologic, intellectual disabilities or just plain severe anxiety. I have seen the relief in their eyes when we tell them we can see them and the happiness in their face after they carry their sleepy children home with mouths fully restored in less than three hours of work.