About Judith M. Peters, EdD

My goal as a teacher is to set the stage for student learning and facilitate  application of the learning to each individual student's own career.  I challenge my students to go further and learn more than I could ever provide, as each student is their own very best teacher.  Learning is more important than scores or grades and will take one to deeper and broader experiences in life. Learning should be enjoyable and exciting. Part of my joy is to interact with my students who are facing so many difficulties currently.

I do aspire to live a life of commitment to service and wish this to be my daily reaffirmation. I very much respect personal freedom and believe that is who God is and wants us to be. I am growing in understanding what it is to be diverse as a human and how this can be misunderstood and how I want to be open, accepting and to really understand the experience of others to the best of my ability. I keep in mind protecting human dignity and worth of individuals. Wholeness is what I teach and attempt to practice.