About Christopher C. Perry, PhD

C.        Contributions to Science

  1. Nanoscience.

My research experiences include nanoscience, environmental nanochemistry, and nanomedicine. My research interests at LLU focus on nanoparticles for therapeutic applications, radiosensitization of nanomaterials for DNA damage, and the fundamental mechanisms of noble metal nanoparticle synthesis and growth. With my colleagues at LLU (Drs. Fletcher, Boskovic, Nick, Sinclair), we are continuing such collaboration in projects exploring the role of metallic nanoparticles to fight pathogenic organisms or as neutralizing agents for persistent organic environmental pollutants.



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  1. Nanotechnology.

My research contributions in collaboration with my colleagues Drs. Chen (University of Surrey, UK) and Allard (La Sierra University, US) has been to develop novel metal oxide nanocomposites. Our goal is to use these nanocomposites in fuel cell and environmental remediation technologies. We used sophisticated analytical techniques including ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (uHPLC) and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS).


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  1. Surface Chemistry     

I had the opportunity to be involved in some seminal work during my formal training. My graduate and early post-doctoral research focused on understanding how model organic compounds orientate and bind to metal substrates under high vacuum. I also was involving in surface environmental chemistry research. We discovered that halocarbon degradation on ice is mediated by the low energy secondary electrons generated from the incident ionizing radiation (photons, particles).    


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