About William Pearce, PhD

The main goal of my research group is two-fold: 1) to contribute to, and in some cases lead, the development of new ideas and methods that help expand understanding of developmental cardiovascular biology; and 2) to provide an environment in which students of all ages (high school, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate) can build their research and critical thinking skills in preparation for a career in science.  For these students, we routinely encourage consideration of 3 major questions: 1) what do you most enjoy about science and how does this drive your motivation and curiosity?; 2) what are your strongest talents and abilities that enable you to compete academically, partiularly within the scientific community?; and 3) what is your vision of the ideal career that optimally balances your professional life with your personal life, your financlal goals, and your ability to contribute to the welfare of your family and community?