Committee Membership (LLU)

  • White Coat Ceremony - I was one of the principle faculty to put white coats on new junior medical students. (2hrs.) (06/2005)
  • Freshman Picinic - I was the MC for the annual alunmi association freshman welcome picinic. (2hs) (08/2004 - 08/2006)

Community Service

  • Health Fair at Drayson Center - I spent 1 and 1/2hrs. caring for patients and advising at our FM health booth. (10/2005)
  • Had 9 medical students over for dinner on Friday night to welcome them to Medical School (08/1976 - 08/2006)
  • Camp doctor at Pine Springs Ranch - I had the responsibility of being the primary care doctor at the annual medical school retreat at Pine Springs Ranch. (09/2005 - 09/2006)