• . "Obesity Made Thin." Preceptor education seminar. Coleman Pravilion (2hrs.) (10/2004)
  • Barbara Orr, M.D.. "The Essence of Teaching." Celebrating 100 years of Teaching at LLU. Wong Kerlee (09/2005)
  • Barbara Orr, M.D. and Tammy Shankel, M.D.. "How to Interview as a Senior Medical Student." . Peds Conference Room (10/2005)
  • Barbara Orr, M.D.. "How to write a personal statement." . Peds conference room (05/2006)
  • Barbara Orr, M. D.. "The Obesity Epidemic." APC of LLUSOM. LLUMC a level amph. (03/2007)
  • Ask Your Family Doctor (07/2008)
  • Gave 5 presentations on a Mediterranean Cruise-  Alternative Medicine Evidence-Based, Ask Your Family Doctor, Fascinating Fat, Passionate Medicine Shared, Use of Male and Female Hormone Therapy-An Informed Decision. (07/2008)


  • . "How to be an OSCAR winning teacher." Faculty Developlment . Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (2hrs.) (07/2004 - 06/2005)