About Richard D. Nelson, MD

Richard Nelson has been connected with Loma Linda University for 40 years including 33 years as a member of the faculty. Starting at the medical center and then in the early 80's as a member of the international heart team, Dr. Nelson continued his close association with the University throughout his professional career. He currently serves as program director for the BS degree program in respiratory care having taught most subjects in the program.  Prior to moving to the main campus in California, Dr. Nelson spent several decades in the Middle East where he established and managed the Loma Linda University satellite campus - the only US accredited allied health degree programs in the Middle East.  Dr. Nelson also served for four+ years in Central Asia directing 85 projects in five nations as an IDE with the General Conference of SDA.

Dr. Nelson holds a special interest in global service and has led out and participated in numerous outreach humanitarian projects in more than 25 countries around the world. He enjoys staying active with clinical research, minimizing invasive and potentially harmful interventions, and seeking ways to promote whole person care.