About Michael G. Moor, BS

Michael Moor, MS, CPO, LPO is an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Orthotic Prosthetic Department in the School of Aliied Health Professions. He teaches foundational Orthotic and Prosthetic courses in the department and has lead the Service Learning and Outreach program for students and faculty. In that role he lead the establishment of an Orhtotic Prosthetic clinic in Port au Prince Haiti and supported the Service Learning trips to Ethiopia and Mexico as well as the local Crosswalk clinic. He has also served as Chair of the University Faculty Council (UFC) and the Faculty Council Executive Committee for the School of Alled Health Professions. In this capacity he guided the UFC through the process of evaluating the the new Annual Faculty system for the university and assisted the sharing of the One Loma Linda philosophy in preparation for the WASCUC accreditation.

Because of his interest in international OP services he has spearheaded research into the process of plastic recycling in order to reduce the cost for fabrication in developing nations. He has also mentored other student research for years. 

Michael is passionate about his students, wanting them to know that he cares for them beyond their accademic careers. He has a passion to help his students beyond preparing for thier boards, to be good creative clinicians who listen to their patients, finding solutions that go beyond what is on the market. He also loves to share with the students his passion for helping those in need locally and internationally.