About James A. Martinez, EdD

James Martinez teaches part-time at Loma Linda University - School of Public Health. He assisted with teaching courses in database design, cartography and GIS applications in public health practice. He also works at DB Legal Support | McCune Law Group as a Chief Data Officer. There, he built and coached a team of data engineers, data scientists and analytics professionals and help implement the firms strategic plan and developing advanced analytics as a service for the firm and our partners.

James earned a master’s in epidemiology from San Diego State University and a doctoral degree in health education from Columbia University, NY. His life experience and cultural heritage has motivated the challenges to studying disparities in educational attainment and population health-related issues, particularly involving early interventions and the development of preventive programs for youth and underserved populations. In addition to teaching courses at the school of public health, he helps health and educational organizations to integrate data platforms, population health analysis and data infrastructures to support healthcare systems and community health initiatives. He also works on a community lead partnership with local government and community advocacy groups on developing countywide health improvement frameworks, and asset mapping applications to promote networks of healthy communities and real-time community health management platforms for hospital emergency department visits and solutions for preventing readmissions.

Prior to joining Loma Linda University Health, James was an epidemiologist with the County of Los Angeles. There, he helped build on the geographical dimensions of health and disease, emphasizing public health issues and spatial analysis to identify the relationships among demographic change, economic development, and population health. He also assisted with the enhancement of the emergency response system by formulating and implementing automated reporting processes, analyzing policy and applications for emergency preparedness and performance based matters. He embraces new technological integration and intervention services, including best practices for handling big data, the Internet and developing effective media materials that are designed to develop awareness, and promote prevention.

James has also contributed to his community by mentoring first generation college students, local high schools and troubled children. He has combined these personal qualities with building skills in assessment, analysis, and human services. He is committed to serve his community and has utilized his knowledge and experiences to help educate and lead people toward healthier lives.