About David R. Larson, DMin, PhD

I began my work at Loma Linda University in what is now called the "School of Religion" on September 1, 1974.  Over the years more than 10,000 have taken courses from me in biblical, theological, philosophical, bioethical and sexual ethics.   I have also frequently taught courses in theodicy at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  

When we turn to service, my main contributions have been co-founding the Center for Christian Bioethics and leading it as Associsate Director, Director and Theological Co-Director for the better part of two decades.  I also led out in the development in the Master of Arts in "Biomedical and Clinical Ethics" which is now known more concisely as "Bioethics." Much more recently, I Ied the replacement of the "Master of Arts in Religion and the Sciences" with broader M.A. in "Religion and Society.  I currently serve as its Director as well as the Coordinator of the School of Religion's "Theological Area."  

I do not know how many reviews, articles, papers and so forth I have either published or posted on the Internet.  One of the most recent is "Why I believe in the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus and Think that Clayton and Knapp Might Too" in a book of essays edited by James W. Walters, Philip Clayton and Stephen Knapp titled "Confronting the Predicament of Belief:  The Quest for God in Radical Uncertainty."  I edited "Abortion:  Ethical Issues and Options" and Co-edited with Fritz Guy and David Ferguson "Christianity and Homsexuality:  Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives."  David Tracy, long a professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School, once observed that theologians tend to write primarily for one of three audiences:  the academy, the public or the church.   I write primarily for the church while attempting to be academically responsible and publicly pertinent.