About Biblia S. Kim, MPH

Ms. Biblia Cha, MPH, is an Instructor in the Global Health program at Loma Linda University School of Public Health.  As a faculty member in the Center for Community Resilience and Office of Public Health Practice, she has primarily focused on community engagement and applying community-based participatory research to culturally appropriate interventions for public health issues such as disaster preparedness, resilience, and disaster risk reduction; mental health; nutrition, and obesity prevention. Much of her work has been in close collaboration with community health workers and community- and faith-based organizations to reach underserved communities.  She has also been integrally involved in coalition capacity-building and facilitation of public health leadership training.  Ms. Cha is specifically interested in promoting the inclusion of Asian American in the broader public health discussion, and the intersection and integration of faith in public health approaches. As a lifelong learner, Biblia enjoys connecting with people and finding innovative solutions to local and global issues.