About Patricia S. Jones, PhD

My research interests stem from living and teaching in Asia, and from teaching and practice in the area of adult and aging family nursing. I am particularly interested in examining health outcomes in women who encounter stressors associated with multiple roles including family caregiving, and how they cope with the stressors to maintain well-being.  

Research projects
A mixed methods study of Asian American women caring for aging parents was funded by NINR through an R-29 grant, from 1995-2000.  The sample included Chinese and Filipino American women and involved translation and validation of tools in Mandarin and Tagalog.

A second grant from NINR (R-03) funded development and validation of a tool (The Filial Values Index) to measure filial values in five cultural groups: American Indians, African Americans, Asian Americans, Euro Americans, and Latino Americans. 

Recent research project

The Filial Values Index is now being validated for use in a Chinese context.