About Michael F. Iorio, PhD, MPA

Diversity Statement

I have 20 years of experience teaching at the community college and university levels in the diverse Inland Empire. During this time, I have taught and mentored multitudes of students from diverse backgrounds who identified with historically underserved populations including first-generation, low income, and students of color. Additionally, I have a track record of publications and presentations about issues related to social justice, equity, and student success in higher education. Since 2014, I have participated in faculty development that includes mentoring and collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds across campus to improve teaching and learning.

In addition to my experiences in higher education, I also have 15 years of experience working with patients in acute care hospital settings, which has tremendously shaped my understanding of sympathy, empathy, and compassion for diverse groups of people. These experiences studying the sociology of higher education and interacting with students, faculty, and patients from diverse backgrounds have helped me develop an understanding about issues facing underserved populations. The corollary of these experiences has helped me develop a diversity, equity, and inclusion philosophy founded on the principle that reconciliation is the path to justice and diversity.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is predicated on creating learning environments that support success for students, particularly for populations that have historically been underserved in higher education. These learning environments include creating opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and develop and refine cognitive skills, as well as supporting important and integral peer and faculty interactions so students have opportunities to develop networks and structures of support during and after the college years.