About Dynnette E. Hart, DrPH

Humans, made in the imageof God, encompas the wholeness of humanity - femaleness, maleness, physiological pocsses, sensory functions, emotions, and reproductive capabilities. Divinity gave humanity creator capabilities with the purpose to teach about God, about the Divine method of governing the universe, and the responsibilities in being a creator.  Created in the Divine image provides humans with the capacity to think and act with freedom.  God communicates with humans through the medium of our neurophysiological processes, mental capacities, and our sensory inputs.

Wholeness puts the environment into cosmic proportions.  An environmental consciousness should include an understanding of  universe wide issues.  Only with an awareness of the conflict betwen good and evil can we appropriately relate to the environment. Understanding cosmic issues impacting current day events helps us to provide appropriate educational and supportive interventions to the communities we are interacting with.

Achieving wholeness within the nursing profession involves a trusting relationship of acceptance and healing.  The purpose of health is to help the human sysm be better able to develop, grow, and maintain a relationship with God, others, and themselves.  The role of nursing represents an example of God\'s way of intervening with the illness in the universe (sin).  The way of providing salvation and how healing takes place should be congruent.

Nursing is a service of wholeness.  The purpose of nursing is to facilitate humanities capacity to make freewill choices with the goal to promote the individual\'s state of wholeness.  The nursing role represents a portion of the whole process of God\'s relationship to humans and the Divine plan for salvation.

The ultimate aim of caring within a Seventh-day Adventist nursing context is not to promote a personal reputation or even an institutional image, but to rightly represent the truth about the character of God and to assist a person to understand and grow in their willingness and ability to form a trusting relationship with God, based on the evidence they have seen about God.