About Lisa M. Hanson, DNP

My nursing career has been enriched and enhanced by a variety of experiences and roles, through which I have developed a deep respect for both the nursing profession and the client it revolves around. My philosophy of nursing is spiritually grounded in providing compassionate and competent whole-person care while preserving the client’s dignity.  As a family nurse practitioner, I have expanded my philosophy with increased awareness that the client’s involvement in their health is of critical importance to achieving true whole-person health.

            I have cared for a wide array of client populations and worked side by side with different disciplines to form a well-rounded career. I’ve had the privilege of caring for people at all points of their lives and varying degrees of acuities, and value the gift of time with the client that nursing affords me.  As an educator and a nurse practitioner, committed to the client, the nursing profession, and the next generation of nurses, I learn and teach the value of client-centered care, ethics, quality, and evidence-based practice.