About Daniel G. Handysides, DrPH, MPH, CHES, CHG

Dr. Daniel Handysides has a passion for public health. At Andrews University located in Michigan he, obtained a Bs in Zoology. It was at Andrews that he met his beautiful wife, Sandra. After Andrews University, Daniel spent 12 months living and working with the Miskito Indians, in the rainforests of North Eastern Nicaragua. Returning to the U.S.A. he completed both a MPH in Environmental Public Health, and a DrPH in Health Education at Loma Linda University. He spent two years teach and researching in the United Arab Emirates. During this time he revamped and released the "Breathe Free 2" smoking cessation program. Currently he is an assistant professor for the School of Public Health  He has a passion for helping the under served and disadvantaged. Dr. Handysides research interests include perceptions and their role in high-risk behaviors, adolescent populations, addictive behaviors.